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Major Milestones

PANCONS is the personal Construction Company of Harris Panousopoulos:

  • Secretary-General of the Association of Civil Engineers of Greece 2006-2010

  • Board Member of the Association of Civil Engineers of Greece (SPME) 2003-2012

  • Representative of SPME to the European Council of Civil Engineers (Task Forces on a. Professional Recognition and b. Education)

  • SPME Representative at Ministry of transportation

  • Member, Permanent TEE Committee on Olympic Games Construction

After graduating from the National Technical University of Athens, School of Civil Engineering and with an MEng Degree from the  NTUA School of Architecture in Protection of Monuments-Conservation Interventions Panousopoulos Harris became a Construction Engineer at ATTIKAT SA quickly rising above the ranks to become a Project Manager and later on the Chief Director of Works working on projects such as the Olympic Village, the Patra-Frontier Motorway and the runway of the ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Later on, he became the Chairman and CEO of TECHNODOMI SA and the Vice President & CEO of ECONNTECH SA.

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